The band CeBarros appears for the first time by musical connection of Carlos Barros, composer, Portuguese, born in Guiné, and percussionist Qureishi Razak of Sri Lankan nationality, after a small “sation” in jazz Galerie of Bonn, Germany. Musicians from the four continents are involved in an unprecedented repertoire with lyrics and songs by Carlos Barros, highlighting a whole musical experience, now African, reggae, Latin American, blues and rock.
They play in various halls, in festivals, concert halls of the best known of Germany, such as: Jazz Galerie (Bonn), Panteon (Bonn), Petit Prince (Cologne), Brotfabrik (Bonn and Frankfurt) many others.
Tull as references, bands and musicians such as Carlos Santana, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Youssou N’Dour (for whom they opened a concert in Cologne, Germany), Supertramp, Deer Purple …
Carlos Barros, goes through the music bars circuit of the city of Bonn and Cologne and this experience takes him to several bands like “Patch Work” of the famous bassist Georg Berghausen, assumes a vocal of the band and later is invited to group ” Mamiwata “by Sáico Baldé, traditional African music, has a passage by the group “Canta” by the flutist Cordelia Loosen.
In his resume, he has several works with musicians like Charlie-Tee, Jurgen Charalampidis, Qureishi Razak, Tony Berens, among others.
In 2007, the CeBarros band is remade in Portugal by Carlos Barros and João Madeira, continuing the same project. This time, in a Latino Rock style, he counts in his training with musicians Carlos Barros as vocalist and guitarist, bassist Bruno Madeira, guitarist Mr. Ozzy, drummer João Rosário, percussionist Júlio Dias, trumpet Diogo Martins, trombone Márcio Madeira, saxophone Daniel Gonçalves E João Madeira as technician and sound.